About Us

Teacups & Tiaras was founded on the idea that children should have a chance to be what they’ve always wanted to be. In an era where we obsess over our children's school schedules, grades, sports and other activities, we've forgotten that part of childhood is about having fun and expanding their imagination!

You'll have fun, too and peace of mind. At Teacups & Tiaras, we take care of every last detail so you can enjoy a complete party experience, leaving you free to enjoy these priceless moments with your child. Better yet, our party packages won't cost you a king's ransom. We can customize a party to fit your budget. And because we bring the party to you, you're spared the inconvenience of carting a carload of little ones around town.

Explore our site and book a party today. Whether your daughter is a tiny queen or your son is a prince in disguise, Teacups & Tiaras gives you the ability to customize your perfect party at the perfect price!

Our Founder: Christina Rosendahl

Christina has over 23 years of experience as a party planner and event organizer — both as a wife and mother, and as a corporate professional. Her professional background in the business world makes her meticulous, efficient and detail-oriented. And as a mother of three, she's a master of the art of multitasking — and knows that smiles, laughter and togetherness are truly priceless."With Teacups & Tiaras, I wanted to share that magic with other moms and little girls who, like all of us, can get a little too busy with our hectic lives. There's no better feeling than seeing a child's face light up with laughter."That's why she tells clients to go have fun -- and leave the party-planning work to her and her team of professionals. But here's Christine's secret: It's not work to her. Planning parties and creating special memories for little girls is her passion, her philosophy and her way of having a good time.