Boys Birthday Parties in San Antonio, TX

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Are you planning a boy’s birthday party in San Antonio, TX? Don’t be fooled by our name! Teacups and Tiaras can help with more than a tea party. Our team of hostesses and hosts include superheroes, princesses, and other movie and television characters. We are sure you will find a character that your son would love to have at his party!


Now, we know little boys can be a handful –especially at another boy’s birthday party in San Antonio. No fears. Our Teacups and Tiaras host or hostess – in the form of your child’s favorite character – will be there to help you keep everything running smoothly. In fact, they will be there to keep the kids entertained, by having pre-planned, age appropriate games and crafts. Our host or hostess will lead your child and their friends in dancing, crafts, interactive games, story time, and more!


Planning the perfect boy’s birthday party in San Antonio, TX doesn’t have to be a headache. Teacups and Tiaras will provide you everything you need. Plus, if you don’t want to deal with setting up decorations or tables, we can help! Our party packages are all inclusive. We include set-up, tear down, our host/hostess as you favorite character, everything needed to enjoy our games, and beautiful, themed tablescapes. Our party packages are perfect for your boy’s birthday party in San Antonio. 


To start planning your son’s party today, simply contact Teacups and Tiaras. We can help you select the perfect character/host for the party. Plus, we can help you compare our party packages and decide if these options are right for you! We love brining your child’s dreams to life. Let’s get going! 

Boys Birthday Parties in San Antonio, TX