Singing Princesses in San Antonio, TX

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Did you know that Teacups and Tiaras is home to the largest selection of singing princesses in San Antonio, TX? As you and your child know, princesses are known for their lovely voices and their inspirational songs. The singing matters for a comprehensive princess experience! If you are planning your child’s next birthday party, you should to consider surprising them with their favorite singing princess. 


Teacups and Tiaras offers you more than a character visit for your next event. Our princesses will help run the event, entertain the children, and set up and tear down. We know it can be difficult to keep your kids entertained – especially on a birthday when there’s so much excitement! That’s where our singing princesses in San Antonio, TX come in. Our princesses are here for more than a photo opportunity; they are the whole package!


We want to help immerse your child and their friends in an interactive experience with their favorite character. That’s why we ensure that our characters know how to work with children – and come armed with lots of fun games for all ages. Aside from crafts, story time, and other fun games, one of our biggest selling points is our singing princesses in San Antonio, TX. Our cast knows all the characters’ most famous songs and are ready to sing with and for your children. 


If you are planning a birthday party or kid-friendly event, consider Teacups and Tiaras first. We have the largest cast of singing princesses in San Antonio, TX – and we know that this is a BIG selling feature. Parents and children alike love listening to the songs of our princesses. See for yourself! 

Singing Princesses in San Antonio, TX