Party Themes

Fairies Rock! Party

Who says all fairies are dainty, delicate, quiet creatures? Your little winged cuties will rock in this sing-along party that's a pitch-perfect hybrid of the "Fairy Sweet" and "Karaoke Diva" parties. Think wings and glitter and a touch of glam -- with some great tunes thrown in. Your pixies will sing their wings off!
Ideal for ages 6 - 12.
Party Includes:

  • Tutus and wings
  • Mini glamour session
  • Karaoke machine
  • Purple or Pink Zebra Table-scape
  • Foam wand craft

Fairy Sweet Tea Party

Magic is in the air at the "Fairy Sweet" Tea Party. Your little nymphs will feel right at home in their fluffy, airy tutus and little fairy wings. And what's a fairy party without a
little pixie dust? Lots of sparkle means your girls will have a shining good time! Ideal for ages 5-7.
Party Includes:

  • Beautiful Fairy dresses with wings
  • Slippers
  • Glamour make-up session
  • Fairy music
  • Foam Wand Craft

Super Hero Party

To the Rescue! Super Hero Party
Your little hero or heroine will swoop in to save the day at this high-energy party. Whether your child is crazy about Batman or raves about Rogue, our To the Rescue! Super Hero Party is perfect for both boys and girls with lively imaginations. They'll mix and match items like masks and capes to transform into their favorite comic-book hero -- or make up their own. Villains, beware!
Party Includes:

  • Superhero costumes and capes
  • Glitter tattoo
  • Superhero lesson
  • Blue and Red Table-scape

Princess for a Day!

A party fit for a queen - or make that queens! Your budding Highnesses get the royal treatment in this magical party that features tea service, exquisitely personalized place settings, dainty costumes and your favorite Princess of course! Ideal for ages 4-7.
Party is customized to your daughters’ favorite princess.
Party Includes:

  • Princess of your choice
  • Elegant gowns on a garment rack
  • Glamorous makeup session
  • Etiquette Lesson
  • Princess Tiara Craft
  • Table-scape will go with princess chosen

Karaoke Diva

Girl’s rock! And they literally rock at the Karaoke Diva party. Your little girls will party like rock stars in a themed bash done up in pink, black and zebra stripes. After some punk -- we mean punch -- and cookies, they'll sing their hearts out on a karaoke machine stocked with their favorite tunes. If it's too loud -- it must be a Karaoke Diva party! Ideal for ages 8-12
Party Includes:

  • Movie star sunglasses
  • Rocker outfits
  • Glamour make-up session
  • Fashion Runway Photo Shoot
  • Karaoke machine
  • Paris themed table-scape

Fancy "Little Ladies" Soiree

Your little girl will live out loud at this sassy get-together with all her friends. "Real housewives," look out! These young ladies know how to party! And they do it in style, with oversized hats and fat feather boas -- all in big, bold colors. And, of course, no glammed-out bash like this would be complete without lots and lots of pearls! Ideal for all ages 6-12.
Party Includes:

  • Hats
  • Feather boas
  • Lots of jewelry
  • Glamorous dresses
  • Make up session
  • Shabby Chic Table-scape
  • Craft

Twinkle Toes Spa Day

It’s hard being a little girl! That’s why they invented spa days. The Twinkle Toes Spa Party pampers your little ones in high style: with a luxurious foot soak and mini manicure, cushy robes—and a homemade spa mask that will truly indulge them. Ideal for ages 8-12. ONLY AVAILABLE WITH ROYALE PARTY THEME
Party Includes:

  • Spa robes and headbands
  • Craft session
  • Mini manicure
  • Jetted foot soak
  • Spa mask with cucumbers
  • Milk jug with cookies
  • Wrapped thank you gifts with favor tag
  • Magazines to Lounge between sessions
  • Themed table-scape
  • Centerpiece, place setting and place card
  • Chair with sashes
  • Invitations

Party comparison chart

Themed Party Options
(Designed for 8 children)

Princess Royale




2 Hours
2 Hours
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours

Princess of your choice

Setup & breakdown

Glamour session

Costumes on a rack


Etiquette Lesson

Story Time & Game

Tea Service

Fine China


Candles /Flowers



Table Runner



With rings

Party Table & Chairs

Chair Sash


Addressed & Mailed
Address-ed & Mailed

Place cards

With Holders


With Toppers

Cake/food table

Makeup table & Mirror

Full Length Mirror

Party Favors

Favor Buffet w/ Purse
Themed Gift w/ Tag

Cupcake Stands



Goblet with Lemonade

Coronation with Tiara

Additional Child